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    Business survives solely on Google Adwords for their marketing!

    Recently, I heard an interesting remark from my customer “We are not doing anything other than Adwords! Last month we got 18 jobs from the Internet!” I was thrilled to hear this from this customer for whom we manage Google Adwords campaign. Also the whole idea that a business could only rely on Google Adwords (and no Yellow pages, newspaper or magazine Ad) for their marketing seemed too good to be true!

    Generally, business owners are cautious spending on Google Adwords as there may be not be a good ROI on them. And I am going to tell you that for his customer (owner of Cleaning company in California) we got 100 clicks for the campaign and spend approx. $615 and got 18 jobs! That is a awesome 19% conversion rate!! If you ask an Internet Marketer if that is a good conversion rate.. …they would surely be surprised. The website was launched hardly 2 months back and such high levels of engagement! I was surprised myself!

    Hopefully this will help other business owners to realize how businesses are relying on Google Adwords for their marketing and how they are getting benefited. Call us at 888-488-7287 to know more about our Pay Per Click services. We are confident that we can help you grow your business on the Internet and the opportunity is certainly there!

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