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    Internet Marketing For Cleaning & Restoration Companies

    Restoration Marketing – The Opportunity of Local Marketing (SEO & Pay Per Click)

    The Opportunity for Restoration Companies!

    People search for a variety of services online including flood/fire restoration companies. And when they do so, they are in a serious need which needs to be fulfilled immediately. Did you know that there are about 2.4 Million Google searches every year for fire/flood restoration services in North America?

    2.4 Million Searches Every Year For Restoration Companies!

    HyperLocal Marketing Solutions

    Most service businesses operate locally and that is why local marketing is highly relevant to the service industry as is with restoration businesses. With Internet Marketing and mainly Pay Per Click program, you can precisely target specific cities, zip codes, mile/km. radius around an address etc. so you never have to pay to promote your services for an opportunity 200 miles away from your place of business; instead you can target prospects locally searching for your service. Further you only pay for performance not otherwise.



    Measurable Results For Restoration Companies With Call-Only Ads!

    Local SEO For Restoration Companies

    Our Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program for restoration businesses can help your business get on Google Map (or Google My Business) listings. Our Restoration SEO program can help you get to the Top 10 listings of Google & Bing so when a search for “water damage restoration” or “fire damage restoration” is conducted, your business can appear on the top! Most people end up clicking the top search results and that is how you generate a lead for your business by means of them contacting you through your website. With Local SEO program, you do not pay per click instead there is a flat fee for this program which is probably half than your smallest job!

    Being on Top 10 listings of Google is like being available & ready when the opportunity comes by and not wasting your time & effort to find one yourself!

    Pay Per Click for Restoration Businesses – Get Business SUPER FAST!

    Pay Per Click for restoration businesses is very effective since you can appear on Top 10 listings of Google or Bing immediately with this program. You can set out a fixed budget, control the locations where you would like to show the Ads and also choose your keywords. Pay Per Click is performance driven and you only pay for a click or phone call. Most restoration businesses can expect to get business within days or weeks of starting this program.

    Pay For Calls only – Special Marketing Program For Restoration businesses!

    This is a new addition to Google Ads where you only pay if someone calls your business not otherwise. This is ideal for emergency restoration services and also recommended if you wish to pay only for phone calls and not for clicks.

    Why Internet Marketing Works for Restoration businesses?

    Most people searching on Google & Bing have an immediate need to be fulfilled. Research shows than most people inquire or book a job the same day they search for a restoration business. So being on Top 10 listings of Google & Bing will make it most likely for you to get a fair share of the market and make restoration marketing a very effective marketing option! Plus in most cases, just a few jobs per month would be enough to pay for your marketing expenses.

    Contact Us today at 1-888-488-7287 to inquire about the opportunity of restoration marketing. We offer FREE Consultation to all our clients.

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