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    Pay Per Click (PPC) for Carpet Cleaners – Google AdWords & Bing Ads

     CMO has managed 100+ Pay Per Click accounts and over USD 250k per year in PPC spend for Carpet Cleaners!

    CMO is a Google Partner and Bing Ads certified company with an experience managing over 100 pay per click accounts for carpet cleaners.

    A well executed Pay Per Click program with a professional website can help your carpet cleaning business get jobs very quickly. More than 80% of Pay Per Click programs are either managed poorly or run without a definitive thought process and strategy and they fail indefinitely!  Pay Per Click program appears simple to manage and get results. But getting Good Results (new business & customers) from a Pay Per Click program is a collective execution of a well managed Pay Per Click program, a Professional Website that can sell & a business that can serve its customers well. Getting results is a intensive process unfortunately not as simple as it looks like.BingAds_Accredited_Badge-2

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    * A conversion refers to an online (exclusive) inquiry.

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    Benefits of Pay Per Click(PPC) program for Your Carpet Cleaning Business:

    CMO has been able to provide excellent ROI on pay per click campaign for carpet cleaners. PPC is best suited for carpet cleaners with some features highlighted below-

    Pay For Performance Model:

    PPC is cost effective: because you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Each click defines a potential conversion and serious business opportunity – all within your targeted market.

    “I have been using CleanMarketingOnline.com for about 1 year now and my business has never been the same…they are great and always there to help, thank you!” –Steve Robinson, Customer


    Capture New Markets and Business Quickly:

    Pay Per Click (PPC) can really help you get jump started with your business sales! While organic ranking takes several months to get your website in top positions of search results, Pay Per Click can get your website’s search ranking on top results instantly. You can start to get leads from your website very quickly.

    Managed Spending – No surprises!

    ppc-budget-controlYou can set out a daily or monthly budget you are comfortable with and rest assured you never pay more than what you have set your limits to. Budgets can be changed any time and there is no minimum spend requirement. This helps you keep a tighter control over your marketing spend. Our consultants can suggest a starting budget for your campaign or work as per the client’s budget.

    Geographical Targeting to Precisely Target your Local Market

    With Google AdWords and Bing Ads, you can choose to geographically target audience to the granularity of zip codes, cities, mile/km. radius, etc. Additionally you can even choose to set up different budgets for different geographies. AdWords also supports geographic exclusion which means you can exclude specific markets with less business potential or interest. The geographic targeting can be altered at any time to experiment with different markets. This really gives business owners the ability to explore different geographical markets and control budgets by geography.

    Measure Your Performance – Eliminate the guess work With Call & Email Conversion Tracking!

    Pay Per Click can be measured

    With PPC you can track and gain market intelligence as to what works for your campaign, what doesn’t and which keywords your target market is using to search. You will know exactly how and where “each dollar was spent” i.e. which ads worked and which didn’t. All this performance data will help you measure and optimize your campaign for better performance.


    Reporting & Feedback

    We provide monthly reports for each account depending on the level of service you are signed up for. The reports include budget summary, keywords, clicks/impressions, by device type, geography reports etc.