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    Go Mobile – If  You want to Keep Up Your Carpet Cleaning Website Ranking on Google Search

    If you have been ignoring the mobile-friendliness feature of your carpet cleaning website till now, it’s time to buckle up and create a version that mobile phones find easy to navigate. A mobile optimized or responsive website is no longer an unnecessary item on your marketing agenda for 2015! It’s not a useless accessory a marketing firm is trying to sell you. It’s an important requirement put forth by Google if you want to continue to dominate the search engine market i.e. Google, Bing or Yahoo.

    Starting Apr 21st 2015, Google introduced a change to its algorithm which starts to use the mobile friendliness of your carpet cleaning website as a means to rank you higher or lower than your competition. This means a website optimized for smartphones will be seen to be more useful and user friendly as compared to a website that is not mobile optimized and hence will be ranked higher by Google.

    Why Did Google Introduce This Change?

    With mobile browsing on the rise and most markets getting higher mobile traffic than desktop traffic, it became extremely important for Google to cater to the needs of the mobile user. Google found that showing a mobile optimized website on the search results does improve the mobile browsing experience and hence this change. 

    Why Is it Important For a Carpet Cleaner to Optimize Their Website For Mobile?

    Most carpet cleaners run Pay Per Click or search engine optimization to get relevant traffic from the Internet. Most markets now receive higher mobile traffic than desktop. So with a mobile optimized website, you can convert a much higher percentage of this mobile traffic into business. If your carpet cleaning website is not mobile optimized and it’s frustrating to browse your website on a mobile, then there is every chance that you will lose that visitor to your competition.

    How do I find out if my website is mobile optimized or not?

    Google has a mobile friendly test tool that facilitates easy testing of web pages and websites for their mobile-friendliness. All you need to do is enter a URL and the software will do a quick analysis and let you know if your website is mobile optimized or not.


    If you need help mobile optimizing your carpet cleaning website or upgrading your website to be mobile friendly, contact CMO at 1.888.488.7287.

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